August 9, 2008

at the risk of 2 non-law posts in a row . . .

My nephew’s drum corps just took FIRST PLACE in the drum corps international world championship open class finals!! He is in the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets!!!

That is Dylan – the tall one.  Did I mention he gets straight As too?  Back off ladies!

Take that Blue Devils!!!! Ahem! I mean, good show other drum corps!


Movie Stars! HELIX!!!

March 20, 2008

Non-law post . . .

My kids are extras in a movie being filmed in Chicago next week.  Remember Spykids?


well, the girl (now woman) star of those movies is Alexa Vega and my kids are extras in a movie in which she stars.  Here they are on the set (Alexa has not been violently attacked in real life — that is make up)


Eric will be orchestrating/writing the score.  The movie is to be filmed in one take.  Here is some press. 

Rehersals today, filming over the next week.  they are having a great time and learning lots.  They will be skating in the movie.  Now we are gonna have to find them an agent. . . and then a good rehab facility?. . . . hahahaha 

Exclusive. . . you heard it here. . .

February 15, 2008

I have recently posted a new paper to SSRN (co-authored with my friends and colleagues, Bob Nelson and Ryon Lnacaster).  It still needs work (and I am happy to get comments, please).  The “exclusive” quality is that (as I have said before) it reveals the demographic characteristics of the title VII cases filed in federal courts which you cannot get unless you draw a random sample of federal court filings — we have recently completed this .  It took about 3 years and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars . 

There is some refining of models to do (event history models versus what we have here) but the changes will not be significant as to outcomes.  So, before you click, ask yourself, “what is the most common title VII claim – race, sex, national origin, or religion?’  Also, what percentage of cases involve a claim of sexual harassment?  You can guess here or read the paper. 

 Thank you National Science Foundation, American Bar Foundation, Northwestern University, and Center for Advnaced Study.


February 14, 2008

Our very own dspett will be on WTTW (channel 11 in Chicago) at 7 pm tonight for the story he broke in the NU newspaper and right here on controlling authority!!

Does the dean of Medill fabricate quotes?

February 11, 2008

You decide.

Total Number of Civil Cases and Employment Discrimination Cases Filed in Federal Court: 1972-2006

February 7, 2008


 So you know, I work on employment discrimination.  Look at this massive plunge in employment discrimination filings.  The left axis is for all civil cases and the right for ED cases (everything classfied as 442 – Tit VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, EPA, PDA, 1981, and 1983).  This is the Donohue and Siegelman data in the earlier period (pre 1988) and now a replicaiton and explansion by me, bob, john, and peter all put together in one visually stunning powerpoint slide (kudos, ellen berrey!). 

So, not explained by the previous D&S theory about economic/employment cycles – and it is not all ADA.  its not all 1991 civil rights act damages either.  In fact, the 91 CRA had a backlash effect that is interesting, but for another post. 

We have BOATLOADS of data and can tell you lots about lots about lots.  But, this decline is a bit of a mystery.  Theories?

the forbidden foie (part 2)

February 5, 2008

fgg.jpgI’m still recovering from the deliciousness of lawbreaking.  5 courses, “turtle soup” in every one (even dessert).

Last night, about 30 people gathered at Unnamed Restaurant (which had just received its second warning letter from the City) for the first of a monthly foie gras speakeasy, started by a group of chefs and an energetic local wine distributor. There will be secret code words. There will be trading cards. There will be anything that makes transgression more interesting (and apparently more elitist, too).

Interestingly, (but perhaps not surprisingly) the restaurants that have attempted to stand up to the City Council are independently owned Read the rest of this entry »