August 9, 2008

at the risk of 2 non-law posts in a row . . .

My nephew’s drum corps just took FIRST PLACE in the drum corps international world championship open class finals!! He is in the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets!!!

That is Dylan – the tall one.  Did I mention he gets straight As too?  Back off ladies!

Take that Blue Devils!!!! Ahem! I mean, good show other drum corps!

Texas Polygamy Kids and Canadian Kids with Swastikas!

June 9, 2008

What in the kitty cat is the world coming to?  (My family is adopting kitty cat as the new good for all occasions swear word).

So the Texas kids were returned to their families and now this story about a kid coming to school with a swastika painted on her face.  Grounds for removal? 

When I read the headline I thought it was a tattoo (in which case I would argue yes even if the tattoo were of something less offensive — isn’t almost everything less offensive? — if it were on her face.  Make up makes it harder.  More investigation needed.  Perhaps I should head on up to Canada and find out more.  I only need a few minutes alone with the parents.

I’m a graphic design novice

April 25, 2008

Is the new header any good? Comments please.

Can’t imagine this on any college campus…

April 25, 2008

This would never happen today. I’m wondering: What’s caused our culture to change so much?

Just Venting

April 22, 2008

No relationship to legal studies. . . . just a vent and a notice. Upgrading the e-mail at work. I am sure this is a good thing in the end. For now, I just clicked check mail and re-received over a thousand e-mails from over the past year or so. Undoubtedly there are real new e-mails peppered in this download, but can I really go through all of them? So if you are trying to e-mail me lately, I may have an even greater than usual liklihood of not getting back.

screaming hypocrisy

April 16, 2008

just opened up the NYTimes online, and the two headlines, juxtaposed next to each other, make me want to scream ‘hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!’

(Look at the headline on the first column and then Bush’s message to the pope next to it)

Here’s a screengrab of the image:

OK, LB, I do not have ‘permission’ to upload files. So, I’m going to send you the jpg and you can insert it.

Apropos of blog party discussion

March 24, 2008

NYT: Even at Megastores, Hagglers Find No Price Is Set in Stone

SAN FRANCISCO — Shoppers are discovering an upside to the down economy. They are getting price breaks by reviving an age-old retail strategy: haggling.

Click for more…

Some (in)famous guy is coming to my town

March 23, 2008

Channeling Garrison Keillor:  it’s been a big year for my little hometown.  First we get a Top 11 American Idol contestant.  Now Bill Clinton is coming to little ol’ West Lafayette, Indiana.  He’ll be at West Lafayette High School on Monday night. 

My question to him is going to be something along these lines:  “Mr. President, Senator Clinton said in February that she was honored to run against Senator Barack Obama.  If she really meant that, I wonder, can you tell me, what kind of campaign she’d be running against someone she actually didn’t respect?  I mean, you played the race card in South Carolina.  You just played the patriotism card on Friday.  And she personally played the Muslim card on 60 Minutes.  So what’s left for her to do except just run as John McCain’s VP?”

Whaddya think?  Snarky yet pointed?  Humorous yet biting?  Think you can do better?  Feel free to supply suggestions until 6:30 p.m. Monday (eastern time–Indiana’s on Eastern time now!). 

Chinese food inspections…. and bonus link

March 18, 2008

News hit the food-law airwaves today that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “following approval from the State Department” will install EIGHT (not a lot, but better than the zero that currently exist) inspectors, associated with diplomatic posts, in China, who will be granted “access” to Chinese food production facilities.

One might well believe that this seems late-in-the-game, but I say better late than never!

And for those who like Chinese food, and are thinking about maybe traveling to Beijing at some point soon, an extra special bonus link for you, compliments of the UK’s TimesOnline.

altruism over coffee

March 5, 2008

Just read this in today’s NYTimes, and it hit me in an interesting way:

Looking at people’s comments especially (88 as of last count), this is a touchy issue, one touched upon by several sociologists in the recent past.  It’s easy to say what one would or would not do, hypothetically, but when it comes down to it, what would you do, and for whom?