Colbert Rules

January 24, 2008

Last night’s Colbert Report was amazing.  His guest was Andrew Young, who came to Charleston, S.C. to help organize black hospital workers who were on strike in the 1960’s.  Colbert’s father was a junior hospital administrator who sat down with Young and quietly settled the strike by agreeing to pay the black workers equal wages.  (His father later was killed in a car accident with some of Colbert’s brothers, when Stephen was a youngster.)  The moral: settle things quietly, give other people credit, do not take credit yourself.  At the end of the show the Harlem Gospel Choir sang “Let My People Go.”  Colbert floated the photos of his writers across the screen, invoking an end to the writers’ strike.  Amazing.

Editor’s note: you can watch the amazing vid of him at the white house correspondents’ dinner HERE