I’m a graphic design novice

April 25, 2008

Is the new header any good? Comments please.

Appropos of my last comment . . . UNDERGRADS I NEED YOU

March 23, 2008

So I podcast (for free!) NPR’s “talk of the nation” and listen to it while I balance my checkbook, drive around, etc.  I was listening to last Friday’s episode (3/21/08) in which the second story is about web privacy.  It started with the story about the breach of privacy with the state dept officials who looked at Obama, Clinton, and Mccain’s passport records, but, it went on to talk about web privacy generally. 

Let me tell you some stories:  On this site, I often mention research by other prominent scholars.  When I do, I ALWAYS email them and say, I am talking about your book/article on my blog; please come over and comment and discuss.  I then give them passwords and DETAILED instructions.  They always email me back (after reading the entry), say something REALLY blinking interesting about it (which I wish you could all read), but decline my “kind invitation to blog.” 

Sometimes they say it is because they think they do not have time (of course, none of us has time — this is just a fun way to be in conversation with some of our friends — it is not supposed to be work) or they say they don’t want to be “on the record” about something.  even if it is their own research!!  In some cases their career of research.

Now, I am willing to consider the possibility that my blog just kinda sucks.   But that is not really the thing.  The thing is, they think this will make them less than anonymous.  I kinda think none of us are anonymous.  One of the moments I discovered this was when I was posting (primarily on scatterplot) under some fake names (not fake like I was posting as Hilary Clinton or anything, but cutsie names).  Then, I went to lunch with someone else on scatterplot and said, “can you guess who I am?” (I meant, since you know me, can you guess who I am from what I say?”) and this person said, ‘”oh yes, I can reverse engineer who anyone is.”

Right then I signed up as laurabethnielsen on the assumption (correct I think) that there is no such thing as anonymous anymore.  And not just for Brittney Spears; for all of us. 

Now, I am not going to put my social security number on here.  Or, god forbid my cell number, but I assume many of you could find it with a credit card and 10 minutes of your time. 

On this NPR show, someone suggested that since “kids” post all kids of stuff on Facebook (or insert alternative here), we should have laws against discrimination based on what people put on there.


That’s kooky.  But what do you guys think?  So I assume no privacy.  You will know about me, my kids, my wacky/bawdy sense of humor (the comment in the last thread).  Will that mean I won’t be the President?  Probably (but for other reasons too).  President/Provost/dean of a University?  I hope not because I could be good at that (I think).  But that’s me.  You ask me what you should say to President Clinton, you are gonna get a sex joke.  Sorry (except that i am not really sorry — that’s me!!) 


Our competition

March 18, 2008

Slate has started a new blog on legal issues, “Convictions,” clearly in response to our growing influence in the blogosphere.

OK, they have some pretty big guns on staff. But so do we. And isn’t our blog’s name so much better?

LIVE from Nevins

March 16, 2008


we are here — you are not. You suck.

Quiz: steve miller: dead or canadian?

yes there has been guinness


March 15, 2008


One of our favorite lurkers/occasional commenters is 37 today!!  He bemoans midlife in a post on his blog, but yo Jeremy, I am almost 38, and don’t yet (cross fingers) have tenure.  (Yo, jeremy!! — get it?)

I don’t know why, but when I googled birthday party images to find one, this one caught my fancy.

Happy 100th!!!

March 14, 2008


Congratulations to us!!  We have hit our 100th post!!  It was my Mom’s 2 posts ago!  To celebrate, we have our first blog party Sunday at 2:00 at Nevin’s and I will also regale you with some of the search terms people used in google that helped them find their way to our humble little blog.  these are just the most ridiculous ones:

Matt Gonzalez hot

Midget wrestling

Bet on U.S. Election

Do I have a discrimination case

Marsha Marsha Marsha

Modern song that says before you go

Sharkey Apartment

I am also in the uncomfortable position of tell you, dear readers, that our best day in the first 100 posts was the sex scandal day.