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Laura Beth Nielsen

Laura Beth Nielsen is a Research Fellow at the American Bar Foundation, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University, and the Director of the Center for Legal Studies at Northwestern. She is also the mom to 2 cute boys, Z and S. This is a blog for discussion of things legal studies. Lots of the participants are somehow affiliated with Northwestern’s Center for Legal Studies or the American Bar Foundation, but we certainly aren’t just talking to each other! I hope.


Foodgirl is a graduate student in the Northwestern University Sociology Department. She plans to blog about food and law/regulation. She is funny and fun, aspires to be like Michael Pollan, and she loves to eat.


Geoff is a graduate of one of the foremost Legal Studies Programs in the United States who is working for the ACLU


Jeff can out who he is when he is ready. For now I will tell you he is funny, smart as hell (despite some kind of weird affection for the green bay packers), and does a mean Elvis if you get out the kareoke/karioke/kareeeohkeeee machine and a lot of booze (LB — I perform w/ or w/o alcohol. J). I have the pictures to prove it.

Jon Gould

Jon Gould is the Director of the Adminsitration of Justice Program at George Mason University. He is the author of two great books and I hope/think we are still trying to collaborate on a book on fatherhood.

Austin Sarat

Austin Sarat is our first Legal Studies Superstar guest-blogger. He has written or edited like 8,000 books or something crazy like that. He is an expert in lots of areas and is the past president of the Law & Society Association and currently is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Jurisprudence & Political Science, Five College Fortieth Anniversary Professor, and Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty at Amherst College.

Vicky Saker Woeste

Vicky is a Research Professor at the American Bar Foundation and a historian of lots of interesting things like Henry Ford and raisins. She is a published EXPERT on Harry Potter and a SuperMom.

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