Health Care and the Best Part of My Job

I love it when I get a pile of new data and the job is to look at it and figure out what it means. So, I love it when the New York Times provides me with such a puzzle on a Sunday morning when my children are sleeping over at Grandma’s and I can stare and stare and try to figure it out.

The link is to an analysis of the House Democrats who voted against the health care bill. (I think I watched 6 hours of CSpan yesterday). So, the Democrats at the top of the table are understandable. They are largely freshmen and Obama lost or won by just a little.

But let’s think about the bottom of the table, Mr. Davis – Obama won by a ton and 20% of his district is uninsured. Mr. Kucinich (I am guessing) voted no because the abortion amendment passed. And Mr. Baird? Can you make sense of that? Not a Blue Dog Democrat, Obama won by a lot, high uninsured. Anyone have analysis? And please spare me the “they really believed” argument.


3 Responses to Health Care and the Best Part of My Job

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    and also — really? there is not one single pro-choice republican in the House?

  2. foodgirl says:

    I’m also interested in the ONE Republican who voted ‘no’ in regards to the alternative-Republican-plan, as WELL as the plan that passed(!) – Timothy V. Johnson.

  3. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    Here’s a link to an article from a Northwest source about Mr. Baird, his district, and his vote.

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