Seriously? It wasn’t “rape-rape”?

Good Lord.  The idea that anyone even has to post in 2009 about this is crazy.  So Whoopi Goldberg and the women on The View put women back another 50 years.  Now a 40 year old man who admitted having sex with a 13 year old girl (oral, anal, and vaginal) after giving her drugs and alcohol did not commit “rape-rape”?!?!?!  WTF?

So — by law you cannot consent to sex if you are 13  — IN ANY STATE.  Also, you cannot consent on drugs and alcohol.  SO by definition there was no capacity for her to consent.  That’s why “sex with a minor” is A CRIME.  Duh.  Sex without consent = rape.

Aside from deciding you can never look at Whoopi Goldberg or Melissa Gilbert without puking a little bit, if you watch the video, you can watch the women ridiculously misuse the word “allegedly.”  There is no “allegedly” about it.  HE PLED GUILTY to sex with a minor.  It was part of a plea agreement – he was charged with rape and pled down to “sex with a minor”.  So um . . . he did this.   He admitted it.

Finally, don’t get me started on the victim not wanting to go forward with this.  The case is THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA versus Roman Polanski.  The state of CA and all of us have an interest in bringing criminal rapists to justice and in hopefully deterring future rapists.

Did I seriously even need to write this?  Is there any possible argument that he should not be extradited?  Is there any argument that this was somehow not rape?  He got away with it for years because he is famous.  But Karma’s a bitch.

And Whoopi Goldberg is an idiot.  Who knew?  Dear Whoopi — great book for you it is called, Real Rape by Susan Estrich.  You can buy it here.

PS — if I have not convinced you, cruise by any middle school and look at a 13 year old girl — they are babies.


6 Responses to Seriously? It wasn’t “rape-rape”?

  1. lbsmom says:

    What’s to debate? He needs to be tried for this.

  2. robertlnelson says:

    Thank you, LB, both for highlighting this public discussion and for providing the very clear legal analysis. It is extraordinary that these women were not better informed as they launched into this discussion on national tv.

    What do we do about this? Make the women of the View take a simple course on standards of sexual conduct? Set up for Rachel Maddow to comment on the incredible stupidity of this discussion? Damn.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    don’t they have a sexual harassment training course to take?!?!!? I don’t think the women on the View ever know anything — that;s why they are continually talking over one another.

  4. laurabethnielsen says:

    from the NYTimes: No one can be surprised the Woddy Allen would think so, but seriously? 100 people? I want the whole list.

    It seems that Hollywood has lined up in support of Roman Polanski, who was arrested in Switzerland over the weekend, 31 years after he fled the United States following a guilty plea to having had sex with a 13-year old girl. Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, Michael Mann, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Weinstein and more than 100 others have signed a letter asking that he be released.

  5. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    LB — Not much to say, except I’m glad they got him, and am sickened that he was able to stay free for so long. As the father of a 12 year-old girl, don’t get me started. As a lawyer, one of the most interesting things is that he was able to successfully prosecute a defamation case in England, and was allowed to testify by video link, because if he had appeared in person in the UK he would have been extradited. What if he had tried to bring a civil case in the US? Would video testimony have been allowed here under the same circumstances?

  6. vickywoeste says:

    LB–spot on, as usual.

    There’s been an amazing disconnect on this. Anne Applebaum wrote a piece in the WaPost saying essentially what Whoopi said (that he’s an “artist” and therefore he just, well, shouldn’t be prosecuted because his art is that, well, artistic) and the comments board just lit into her. Everyday ordinary citizens see it as you and I do; the celebrity class thinks he should be immune from prosecution (particularly because the victim “forgives” him). Interesting, isn’t it, that they are so willing to bend the law for him when what he did was so reprehensible and he FLED rather than pay his debt to society.

    Here’s her original post:

    and her follow up:

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