Inaugural commentary–because no one else has

I keep telling y’all how easy it is to make the local media here in West Lafayette.  Check it out:

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Now, I don’t know if this is going to work, so here’s the ordinary url:

And here’s a picture that appeared on p. 7 of this morning’s Journal and Courier:


Yes, I did my best LB imitation and pulled my 3 oldest out of school for the viewing party hosted by our county Democratic Party.  They had a blast and were back at school by 1:30.

Oh, and the Inauguration:  totally historical, memorable, and inspiring.  But the most fun part was waving “buh-bye” at Bush’s helicopter as it took off from the East side of the Capitol.  Obama’s speech was not meant to transport us to never-experienced heights of oratorical orgasm.  It was meant to sober us up and make us think.  And that is not a bad thing after being talked down to for 8 long miserable years.


2 Responses to Inaugural commentary–because no one else has

  1. lbsmom says:

    We actually danced in the street yesterday in Berkeley while the inaugural parade was on a big screen. It was such a happy day!

  2. vickywoeste says:

    That would have been fun!!! I read a story about SF changing “Bush Street” signs to “Obama Street”–cracked me up!

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