standing at the senate door?


Here is Gov. Wallace blocking the entrace to the schoolhouse – well, the University of Alabama — to African-Americans. Will we have a scene like this tomorrow in the U.S. Senate? Predictions and analysis please.

I know someone will tell me why I am wrong, but I think Burris was nominated in accordance with the law — indeed the constitutional requirement is that the governor “shall appoint” a Senator. As far as I can tell, he is qualified and there is no evidence that it was a quid pro quo. I wish the IL legislature had acted faster to change the rules or to impeach Blago, but as it stands, he is merely charged with wrongdoing and still has the job. I think IL has an obligation (to its citizenry) to appoint someone. The U.S. Senate may not be obliged to seat him before fully investigating whether there was illegal behavior associated with this appointment, but doesn’t Jessie White need to sign the certificate? And doesn’t the Senate have to have some evidence before half-disenfranchising our state?

EDITED TO ADD: sadly, here is the pix 06burris3-600


One Response to standing at the senate door?

  1. vickywoeste says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong. I think he should have been seated. I think the Dems are making fools of themselves. He’s a member of THEIR party, after all.

    All I can think is that every Dem politician in Illinois must really despise Rod Blagojevich, because that seems to be the only explanation for treating Roland Burris in this shameful way. The senate violated its own rules yesterday in refusing to seat him, according to Keith Ohlbermahnn.

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