Obama, Catholic Church & Abortion

A Catholic priest in Modesto, Calif, urges parishioners who supported Obama to confess their sin before taking communion since abortion is a mortal sin. 


3 Responses to Obama, Catholic Church & Abortion

  1. robertlnelson says:

    Of course this kind of thing always gets my fallen away Catholic juices flowing. My first impulse is to comment on how many Catholics happily ignore their church on matters such as birth control, and to say to the priest in Modesto, good luck. Secret ballot. Secret confessional.

    Then again, I worry about the potential progressive coalition this priest may be influencing, if only at the margins. What about comparing candidates on all right to life issues, like capital punishment, discretionary wars, global warming.

    Having sat through those high school religion courses in which a (presumably) celibate parish priest tried to explain to a bunch of smart 17 year olds why the Church’s position on natural law made sense–when we were not buying any of it–I think this too is an exercise in religious futility.

    So I hope the faithful in Modesto go to church every Sunday, and to confession as often as they feel they want to, and when they enter the voting booth they check the box that makes the most sense for them and their lives.

    Catholics do make the best rice krispie treats though. Is there salvation in that?

  2. vickywoeste says:

    Yep, krispie (can I call you that without sounding, I dunno, too informal?), totally right on all points. Canonically wrong, pastorally wrong. This priest ought to get slapped back by his local bishop if there is a God in heaven, but probably the local bishop is just as conservative and single-issue-minded as he is and likely gave him the go-ahead. But hey, enforcement mechanism, anyone? How’s he gonna make this stick? Is this the way you keep people IN the church? And contributing to it? I don’t think so.

    This just makes more grist for the mill–I see this as part of the larger and totally misguided strategy on the part of the hierarchy to respond to the challenge to their authority after the sex abuse scandals by coming down hard on the laity. It’s really stupid and will backfire, particularly now that progressive Catholics are starting to come out of the woodwork and speak publicly on issues such as the war, the death penalty, the School of the Americas, and other *real* pro-life issues. I personally want the conversation to come back around to women’s equality but it appears I’m going to have to start it myself, or wait awhile . . .

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    Go Vicky:

    I think you should start it. Or just start coming to my church. we have lots of the most interesting Catholics anyway.

    Isn’t this precisely the behavior that the Bush administration was threatening liberal churches about? Weren’t they telling liberal churches that preaching politics made you not a church and therefore not tax exempt? Hmmm.

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