Let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture, folks

In parts of the world, atrocities continue:


“Orphans and lost children slept at the Don Bosco Ngangi Center in Goma, in eastern Congo. Fighting in Congo intensified in August and has since displaced at least 250,000 people despite the presence of the largest United Nations peacekeeping force in the world. United Nations officials say both the rebels and government troops have committed crimes against civilians.”

When I saw this photograph in yesterday’s Times, my first thought was, can I have 2 of this kids?  or 3?  And then I thought, oh hell, I’ll take them all.

My second thought was, thank God these children are in a Salesian orphange.  The Salesians are dedicated missionaries.  A friend of mine, Fr. John Thompson, a Salesian ordained when I was a senior in high school, worked in Sierra Leone for more than 20 years until it became too dangerous for him to live there any longer.  So they reassigned him to Liberia.  I don’t know if he’s still there.  In any case, please pray for these people and for those who care for them.  I think we can assume that our next president won’t forget about genocide in Africa.


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