Place your electoral college bets

OK – manipulate the cnn map to what you think will be the outcome. bonus points if you change any from dark red or blue that correctly goes your way. Also, bonus points if you guess the state where the recount action takes place. Here is my official prediction as of today:

Here is Bob’s prediction:

Sorry Vicky, neither of us think IN is going blue.

Here is OldRetired Guy’s prediction:

My mom the optimist:

Vicky’s prediction:

Foodgirl’s prediction


7 Responses to Place your electoral college bets

  1. vickywoeste says:

    Ohio, Ohio, OHIO–get it????

    Ohio goes RED. Ohio gets recounted. You heard it here first. All 3 of you have it blue. You are all WRONG.

    Indiana goes red–I won’t contest that one; I have it red on my map, too. But the latest word here is that it’ll be as close as 10,000 votes. Barack is coming to Indy tomorrow to shake hands (no rally).

    I give FL to Obama, VA. Not sure about NC. I think it’ll go blue but it’s very close.


  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    want to know what time all the polls close? check this out:

    I really have to work

  3. jeremy says:

    I will stand by my IPR pool prediction, which is LB’s map EXCEPT I have McCain winning North Carolina, for 338 EV. Do I have to actually fill out the map to have this be my official Controlling Authority prediction?

    If your mom was really an optimist, she would also flip North Dakota. I don’t that’s at all implausible under the Big Obama Landslide scenario.

  4. lbsmom says:

    I am feeling a landslide, but i did this poll w/lb over the phone, and we did not dealt only the states predicted to be close. I hope all those pink ones turn blue, so why not a red one as well?

  5. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    Wild optimism — O = 375. I’m adding IN and MO to LB’s blue states.

  6. foodgirl says:

    you all really think nevada’s going to go blue? am I the one who’s misguided here?

  7. ellenhere says:

    Oh, I’m too technologically unsound to figure out how to make a map. But as someone who spent many formative years in Dayton, Ohio, I can’t bring myself to make that state blue. I hope I’m wrong!!!!

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