Dear Readers,

An editorial in today’s SF Chronicle nails it!   I’ve had the same theory (which involves the mention of body parts) ever since the McCain/Palin affair began, but I didn’t want to embarrass Laura Beth on this blog.

You could replace the Tree of Good & Evil & its deadly fruit with a Sycamore (mentioned in the editorial) and the Veep nomination, & we’d have a Biblical parable.  Oh, & change the Garden of Eden to Scottsdale, Arizona too.  Wow–this is ripe for the picking…..

For further proof, I offer the following dialogue between a female friend who supports McCain & myself:

Friend: “We went to the Palin rally today in Reno!”

Me: “What was your impression of her?”

Friend: “She was so cute.”

Hearsay, I suppose, but I rest my case.

PS–From my legal experience (watching Law & Order PLUS Perry Mason), I think this is an example of hearsay.

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