Koolaid’s Community Service

Email from Koolaid today:

Hello All,

We paid another visit to the Egyptian Hospital today with many of your genorous gifts in hand. While it is sad to see kids suffering from injuries that should never have happened, it is such a joy to see their faces brighten at the sight of a few simple toys. The hardest part is leaving. A few pictures are attached.

Thank you so much for the gifts you have sent thus far. By far the most popular items have been soccer balls and kites among the boys; stuffed animals and crayons for the girls. As winter is definitely beginning to set in, shoes and warm clothing would also be appreciated. Also, most of the girls literally have their mothers staying with them in the same bed. While somewhat of a struggle to communicate, the adult women were able to let me know that they would like to have lotion and sun block. The boys typically have an older brother or an uncle. These adult men wear shoes that are split in several places and would have been thrown out long ago back home. So, shoes of adult sizes would also be helpful.

Again, thank you so much. The children are like children anywhere; except that many of these kids ran into a land mine while playing outside their homes. Their beautiful little faces light up like nothing I have ever seen. I am not sure who feels better about the visits; the kids or me.

Drop me an email if you need the address.

One Response to Koolaid’s Community Service

  1. lankdangle says:

    I think you’d be hard pressed to find better examples of true service and gratitude. Pretty cool, thanks Scott.

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