RIP M Peter Moser

A great friend of the American Bar Foundation died yesterday morning.  Peter Moser was one of those big powerful lawyer types who never forgot that an important part of the legal profession is making sure that everyone has access to justice.  When I first started as a Research Professor at the ABF, he was on the board and then became our president.  I was so afraid of him when I had to go before the board and explain my research!!   But, as I got to know him better, I realized that this gem of a guy, while demanding excellence, did all this volunteer work with the ABF because he really believed the legal profession should live up to the talk and do the good work law can be capable of.  We will miss his demand for excellence, his passion for goodness, and his ability to translate the work of the ABF to regular working lawyers. 

I have had the pleasure of meeting his sweet wife Liz who is in my thoughts and prayers.  Peter’s obituary can be found here.


2 Responses to RIP M Peter Moser

  1. robertlnelson says:

    LB–Thank you for posting the obituary of Peter Moser.

    I too was a bit intimidated by Peter Moser when I first met him as a board member of the ABF. Later I got to know Peter and Liz and learned how wonderful they were. Peter was such a brilliant, thoughtful man. He commanded respect tremendous respect with so many groups. He made a difference in literally every meeting in which he participated.

    He and Liz were such a sweet couple. You could tell how much they enjoyed and respected each other. Liz is a talented poet. They provided leadership in so many community and professional groups. They often talked about their children and grandchildren and how important they were in their lives.

    We will miss Peter, but will always remember his wisdom, good humor, and yes, his commanding presence. We will keep Liz and the family in our thoughts. And we will try to live up to Peter’s high expectations for research which, by being rigorous and independent, will make the world a better place.


  2. vickywoeste says:

    See, guys, being a lowly historian and all, I didn’t know enough to be intimidated. I just thought he was so lovely and charming and easy to talk to, as well as smart and able and well read (he could talk to me about any of my projects, and you know how esoteric my stuff is!). Such an old-school gentleman, one of those generational figures that we are losing too many of, the lawyers who worked 7 days a week and mentored everyone they encountered.

    Bob, we’ll have to work on an especially appropriate way to memorialize him at the ABF. How lovely that the family directed contributions to the Foundation in his name. Maybe a nice toast at the dinner on Thursday, for a start.

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