The Real Mavericks

I’m sure you all went to bed with one question on your mind  .  .  .  Does Jeff have a favorite country band?  Yes, I do!  Sorry , Gov. Palin, here are the REAL Mavericks.


6 Responses to The Real Mavericks

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    How did you know this was my question??

    But Palin and Mccain are mavericky mavericks from Mavericktown. That is so much more mavarickish than this band.

  2. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    Perhaps I should have stated explicitly that the name of the band is the Mavericks. The singer is Raul Malo, which you gotta admit is a pretty cool name.

  3. lankdangle says:

    Raul Malo is one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard. For me, this is the real Mavericks, and yes that little speck is a surfer.

  4. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    That’s a big wave. Here’s a big chicken (wait for it!).

  5. lankdangle says:

    I don’t know Jeff, I guess I need to be on the same drugs McCain was taking when he chose Palin to understand that clip. I kept waiting for the Beatles to pop out from behind the fruit. Here’s what I imagine the white house to be when the Mavericks take over.

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