How Big is the Bailout?

It must be the teacher in me.  Although the new version of the bailout is to be phased in increments, let’s use the $700 billion figure for purposes of this exercise.  What percentage is that of US GDP?  What percentage is that of previously budgeted federal goverment outlays for 2008?

In the past I have rewarded the right guess with a pint at a local pub.  This time I think I will offer the price of a share of AIG stock at close of business Monday, September 30.  Actually, the pint may be worth more.

5 Responses to How Big is the Bailout?

  1. oldretiredguy says:

    I would guess around 8%. I’ll have a Sierra Nevada.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    I think you are a little high ORG.

    Bob, I do want Guinness — you can’t push of that AIG stock crap on me. I am going to guess 5.26%. Am I close?

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    you win a beer, Geoff — can I have it since you live far away?

  4. robertlnelson says:

    Well, I will buy you all a beer up to the value of my holding in AIG.

    Do I get a reprieve because the bailout did not pass? Come on contracts scholars. Did I promise to pay only for the guess?

    Factually speaking, the GDP is roughly 13.3 Trillion; Federal outlays are about 2.8 Trillion.

    $700 billion seems like a bargain. Krispy.

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