Debate Predictions?

Of course the big one is whether McCain will show up. Predictions?

If they have a deal today, I predict he certainly will.

If no bailout deal, I think he will show, but it will be fun (if disturbing) to watch this stand off proceed through the day. If there is no deal and he shows up, I wonder how he will explain coming?

Remember he said he would not come unless there was a deal? (Specifically, he said he was suspending his campaign including the debates until there was a deal). Did anyone think he was not campaigning yesterday? I think it is hilarious (well, not hilarious — ironic and sad I guess) that the talks went downhill when the candidates got there. Predictable too.

Odds on whether he might ask to show up via satelite?

Keep in mind that the date of the presidential election is constitutionally required. It is not possible for delay. Indeed, starting 2 days ago, vote by mail ballots were available in many states. Postponing the debate is irresponsible I think. Moving it to DC would have been a better suggestion for McCain to make because now that he is recognized as holding up the plan (on behalf of house republicans) it looks like he is willing to throw a wrench in the bailout plan to avoid the debate.


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