how dumb do they think we are?

John Mccain needs to postpone the first debate so he can rush back to Washington to put “country first.” Give me a freaking break. The country needs to move forward on this election and since the date of the election is constitutionally required, the vote is not going to be postponed. But I bet McCain would like it if he did not have to debate Obama. Sheesh.

Yes, they have jobs as Senators and just this morning I wondered if Obama would go back for the vote on the bailout. OK, so maybe move the debate to DC, but I am sorry, we don’t change the election.

There was a great proposal on Scatterplot to change the first devbate to allow them each 15 minutes to outline what they think the plan for the economy should be and then ask each other questions. Americans need to know more, not less abotu the candidates given this crisis. Sheesh.

PS blogreaders — some day I am going to have a swear word in the title of a post — it will make my mom very sad so I try to resist but this time it was difficult.


3 Responses to how dumb do they think we are?

  1. vickywoeste says:

    I wondered if this was the ultimate “lower expectations” gambit on McCain’s part. I thought it rang hollow that McCain’s reason for postponing was “to work on the economy.” Isn’t that the administration’s job? As one senator out of 100, how much “work” can he do? I say, sure, go ahead, suspend your miserable, rotten, momentum-losing campaign–can’t do worse than you are now! But how can Obama continue without looking bad by contrast? NPR is reporting that McCain plans to resume the campaign by Monday. I think the candidate just needs a vacation . . .

  2. gradmommy says:

    I think he doesn’t want to debate as this crisis is going on because it’s just all too easy to link him, as a republican, to the administration’s ridiculous bailout plan. It’s going to be difficult for a republican to get up and debate a democrat about having smaller government and taking responsibility when the admin is proposing such a outrageous plan and preying on fears of impending doom to do something quickly. If a bailout goes through, McCain will be able to see if it helps, and then take responsibility for the plan as a Republican. But until then, everyone is really angry with the republicans and our stupid president for even allowing this to happen…i think it really would be unwise for him to debate on friday, but i sure do hope it happens. Obama wants to debate now because while there is still uncertainty and a “crisis”, he’s on the right side because he’s not on the wrong side. Too much can change if we wait until a bill passes…we need that debate to happen now to do real damage.

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