The Skinny on Income Tax

HT:  Scatterplot and Erin Kelly in particular for finding this gem in the Washington Post.  This is an awesome graphic about INCOME taxes (don’t forget Mccain wants to tax your employee sponsored health care benefits also).  Finally, these data are from the Tax Policy Center, a joint venture between Brookings and the Urban Institute so we can be rather certain that this is a balanced assesment.

I hate it that so many people are only going to vote their financial interests without much concern for wealth inequality in this country, but here you have it in black and white (or blue and red):  Unless your household income is greater than $603,000 annually, Barack Obama’s plan does not increase your income tax burden.  If you click this table it comes up larger.  Please print and distribute to everyone you know who might vote republican because they fear income tax increases.


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