I Can See Russia From My House!

Ridicule is powerful. It’s pretty much been the Republicans’ only response to Sen. Obama (see Giuliani’s “community organizer” crack). This strikes me as a watershed moment — Gov. Palin is ridiculous, and it’s OK to ridicule her — not Alaska, not John McCain, but her, personally. It’s also very funny. I can’t get it to embed — someone smarter than I am can — but here’s a link.


2 Responses to I Can See Russia From My House!

  1. lbsmom says:

    Loved it! Accusing “Sarah” of wearing Tina Fey glasses was genius.

  2. vickywoeste says:

    I really liked the bit where Hillary, in jaw-clenched frustration, pulls apart the podium, saying with regret, “Yes, clearly, the only mistake I made was not wanting it badly enough.”! A great rebuttal to the clap-trap free-market bullshit nonsense about how you can get anything you want if you just want it enough–

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