More From ABC News on Palin

Once again, this is pretty good reporting. Mayor Palin asked the town librarian “hypothetically” if she’d remove books from the library if asked by the mayor. The librarian said no. Mayor Palin fired the librarian, then was forced to reinstate her.

5 Responses to More From ABC News on Palin

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    Hopefully charlie gibson will ask her about this. I can;t believe her first interview is with charlie Gibson. Hopefully he will do his duty and really ask her the tough questions because who knows when she will give another interview.

  2. vickywoeste says:

    Did you see MoDowd’s column from yesterday, or the Slate column from Tuesday, both suggesting extremely tough questions and follow-ups for him to ask her? The question is whther his corporate owners will let him really try to nail her or whether he’s going to have to keep the gloves on, because the major television networks are owned body and soul by the RNC (or so it seems; c.f. NBC–GE–major republican donors). so far NPR is reporting that he asks whether she hesitated when asked to run for VP and her response is not for a second because she was “ready to serve at a moment’s notice” (sounding as if called to military duty). ugh.

    In other news, I phonebanked for an hour between kids’ appointments and practices last night and flipped 2 women, one undecided and the other favoring McCain, to Obama. aside from making me feel better, it told me that there is plenty of time to change people’s minds. I think Palin will do it herself once she opens her mouth and starts talking.

  3. lbsmom says:

    Good for you, Vicky!

  4. lbsmom says:

    Here’s good news—Bill Clinton & Obama met in Harlem today, and Bill’s sounding very positive. In this article, I read that Charlie Gibson will spend 2 days with Palin for the interview.

  5. vickywoeste says:

    Thank you Judy! It sure felt good. The initial reviews of the Palin interview are mixed–she sounded confident “at times” and struggled “at times” particularly when asked what she thought of the Bush Doctrine (clearly a concept she did not recognize . . .)

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