when 2 wars just aren’t enough . . .

invade an ally!!

And then we wonder why Musharraf could not maintain legitimacy as President. We just treat these borders as meaningless. Yes, these borders are not patrolled and people can go across easily. (Maybe they should get a HUGE FENCE!! Yes, that is what they need, a huge fence!!)

Seriously though, while porus, we are talking about the border of a sovereign nation (stop laughing, Jeff) who we claim is our ally! I know we invaded Iraq — also a sovereign nation — but we were not at the same time pretending to be their ally and asking them to do things for us.

Pakistan isn’t doing enough to stop Al Qaeda so we send military units in and kill a couple dozen people over the objection of the President of the country that is one of the few in the region trying to actually help us. That is some really interesting logic.

“Unilateral action by the American forces does not help the war against terror because it only enrages public opinion,” said Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington, during a speech on Friday. “In this particular incident, nothing was gained by the action of the troops.”

I am simply at a loss. We have lost our bearings. This administration is the antithesis of all that this country is supposed to be. Make fun of me if you must, but I say: there is no way to peace; peace is the way. Do they really think they can keep killing and killing and invading and at some point we are going to have killed all the people who hate us? Those people have mothers and fathers and children and friends who will then hate us. Isn’t this pretty obvious stuff?


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