Remember Obama?

OK people — it is time to reclaim some national news.  As you all know, I go back and forth from confident to freaked out and right now I am a little freaked out.  Sarah Palin is the only story.  The stories are all alike.  You can be a good mom and a good worker if you are a working mom.  DUH!  (what, some republicans are just figuring this out?)

This is an anti-choice, pro-guns, pro-drilling in Alaska, book banning, under-investigation for unethical behavior, under-experienced, creationist candidate.  I am done — I don’t want to hear about her anymore.  And I think our Obama folks better be planning something to get her off the front page pretty damn soon or she will be one heartbeat away from the Presidency. 

How about a lovely detailed plan for that pledge to not be using foreign oil in 10 years?  Complete with estimates of how many skilled labor jobs that would include for American workers, please.  Presented to the press by Bono, Al Gore, and Obama.  That would be good.  Other suggestions?


One Response to Remember Obama?

  1. vickywoeste says:

    Did you (obviously not) see Obama’s interview (part 2 tonight) on Ohlberman’s show last night? He went straight at the R ticket ON THE ISSUES and made it clear that’s where they intend to fight this race, not on the personalities or on Palin’s X factors. I think it’s really smart for
    Obama to do as much face time as possible right now because they’re keeping Palin under wraps for mortal fear that she will start speaking in tongues (I know that sounds like a religious smear, and I am sorry if I have given offense) or start spouting off about the Caucuses without notes or a written text in front of her. Softball questions from Charlie Gibson is all she’s capable of handling after 2 weeks in the tutelage of the best R media trainers in the land–that tells you how rough and unpolished she is. They don’t dare let her campaign separately yet!!!

    Obama and Biden need to get out there, get as much face time on national media as possible, and fill the vacuum with THEM. The polls will come back to earth in another week and then the race will resume for real. Panic is the last thing we should do.

    In the meantime, the MSM is paying attention to accounts straight out of Alaska such as this: This is written by a longtime resident of Wasilia who gives a pretty balanced assessment; gives Sarah her due, but then exposes the image and undermines the newly minted myths.

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