So I decided

to take down my post about Palin’s daughter (likely before any of you read it!).  Obama is right, she doesn’t deserve all this and it has little to no relevance to whether palin will make a good VP.  I didn’t think so before and i still don’t think so.

I will say that Governor Palin’s policies on teen pregnancy, TANF, health care, abstinence education and the like make these problems worse not better.  And, if McCain knew this and still chose her, the republicans should be scared – even if it shouldn’t matter it will and that shows bad judgment.  if he did not know, they should also be scared.  I am not sure which they should think is scarier.

3 Responses to So I decided

  1. lbsmom says:

    According to cnn, Palin released Bristol’s pregnancy news to dispel rumors that baby Trig was Bristol’s & not Sarah’s. The media is harsh as McCain should know by now.

  2. vickywoeste says:

    The McCain campaign is blaming the bloggers for forcing them to reveal Bristol’s pregnancy. I think all the Ds need to do is follow their nominee’s lead. Leave this story alone. Let the Rs self-destruct from their own self-inflicted wounds. Palin is a tool; McCain is unable even to get the VP he wanted (and to do a proper vetting to prevent this abysmal distraction during his own convention). Bob Herbert says it all today: “Hundreds of families are being forced out of their homes each month in Louisville, Ky., because of mortgage foreclosures. With record numbers of poor and homeless students, the public schools are struggling.”
    This is what people care about–failing schools and homes lost to foreclosure. Stick to these bread-and-butter issues while the other side flails about.

  3. robertlnelson says:

    I think the Obama approach, and LB’s approach, on the Palin family’s story is right. Let the press explore the dimensions of this. I am curious, though, about what McCain knew and when he knew it.

    But, yes, pound the issues–how much worse off we are. Family income was up 7k when Clinton left office. Now it is down 2k under Bush.

    It is the economy, stupid.

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