Gustav, New Orleans, Republicans, and Sociology

Yikes. We all have a home town. I have long said that if I had the chance to choose my home town I would have chosen New Orleans. It is the music, the interesting Southern culture/food, the French architecture, and yes, it is the home town of many of my favorite musicians. Harry Connick Jr., Lucien Barbarin, Bonearama. And did I mention the beignets?

So I sit and worry today about this **bothering** hurricane. I know the city is not the same after Katrina, but I fear that if this is a real direct hit, if levees fail, New Orleans will be no more (I do tend to think the worst). So get out people. Let’s hope FEMA can do a little better. Could they do worse?

So, Sociology: This year the public understanding of sociology award went to Shirley Laska. She really was THE sociological face of Katrina (that’s a weird sentence) who helped Americans understand that the effects of Katrina were not simply from a “natural” disaster but that poverty and race mattered for outcomes. So social factors mattered for who stayed and what heppened when they did. Yay Shirley Laska – hopefully that will make a difference this time.

And yet, again they are talking about the people who are too poor to evacuate. Oh, and price gouging on gas. Nice. In addition to criminal prosecution, I declare a special place in hell for these people (except that I don’t believe in hell so that is confusing).

Finally — Bush won’t be at the convention Monday at least. I really wanted the President at that convention so they could cut from bush to McCain and Mccain would be really tarnished by the presence of the least-liked President with the lowest approval ratings EVER. So I hope he can make it Tuesday.

Sad, sad, sad.


One Response to Gustav, New Orleans, Republicans, and Sociology

  1. lbsmom says:

    Stay tuned. Change is in the wind (pun not intended) for St. Paul.

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