McCain’s Running Mate . . .what is her name?

The Republicans have nominated Governor Palin of Alaska as McCain’s running mate. Is anyone besides me flashing back to Harriet Miers?

Favorite part:

Ms. Palin, a former mayor of the small town of Wasilla, an Anchorage suburb, and one-time beauty pageant queen, first rose to prominence as a whistle-blower uncovering ethical misconduct in state government.

Sounds qualified to me (irony). Do they really think this is going to get the disgruntled Hillary voters back? Bruce says he is going to research the number of cross-over women Republicans who were for Hillary in open democratic primaries. Those are the only ones they can hope to get back because if you liked Hillary you are not voting for this hunting, pro-life (in every circumstance including rape and incest), unqualified, inexperienced, suburban mayor, and creationist. Give me a break.

They have given this to us on a silver platter and if we can’t win it, I am moving to Canada.

They are doubling down (that means taking a big gamble) you only do that when desparate. And they should be. But seriously — Obama wasn’t ready to be President? Mccain’s birthday was a few weeks ago (interestingly mostly ignored by the media). Oops, it is actually today, but still interestingly ignored by the media. He is 72. The possibility of his VP becoming the P has to be taken seriously. I mean it has to be taken seriously for all of them because you never know, but for McCain it has to be taken even more seriously.

While I get the idea to get Hillary’s independent women voters I don’t think this is the woman. One of the reasons they were so strident for Hillary because they claimed she was/is the MOST QUALIFIED. Hey, Republicans: It is not the anatomy. The Hillary voters believed in her qualifications.

I think this is a big misstep and yet I still am worried. I think I will be until the election is over.


11 Responses to McCain’s Running Mate . . .what is her name?

  1. vickywoeste says:

    Oh, my goodness, LB, are you kidding? She is a complete unknown. She has barely 18 months of executive experience. She is obviously a sop to the base of his party. She was being compared to Dan Quayle within an hour of the leak of her name as the VP choice. Mistake???? Colossal misjudgment. McCain could not possibly pick anyone who might outshine him.

    By the way, his birthday is TODAY. He has MELANOMA. He has almost certainly a shorter than average life expectancy due to his POW injuries. And THIS is the person he’s putting a heartbeat from the presidency? I am wondering what the hell he was smoking this week . . .

  2. vickywoeste says:

    Here’s a piece that talks about the choice as an act of desperation:

    I was worried about the announcement stepping on Obama’s marvelous speech from last night, but not anymore . . .

    Worst comment heard so far, courtesy of Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC: “Will Joe Biden have to go easy on Sarah Palin during the VP debate because she’s a woman and he can’t afford to look too mean or to beat her up?” Don’t you love sexism when it comes from a woman? The obvious answer to that is, will Putin take it easy on her if, God forbid, she should end up across the table from him? I hope Joe Biden surgically dissects her in the debate.

  3. lbsmom says:

    Daily Kos article plus her picture wearing fur is good.

    I truly think McCain knows he will not win & is going along for the ride. Did you see his ad congratulating Obama getting the nomination? He’s old but not stupid. He always wanted to be president, & somehow he knows this nomination is the closest he’ll get to it. I’m serious.

    I’m one of Hillary’s 18 million primary votes & feel the Republicans’ pandering. What an insult!

  4. laurabethnielsen says:

    Gee Vicky — how do you really feel? Haha.

    Seriously though, what part are you asking me if I am kidding you about?

    I agree it is a HUGE MISSTEP (as I said). I agree she is REALLY UNQUALIFIED (though I still have stuff to read about her). bad, bad, bad. But are you asking me if I am seriously going to continue to worry? You bet your ass I am. Do you remember the election(s) they stole? You don’t think they could have OBL right now and are awaiting the eve of the election to let us know? Jeez — they can get half the voters in this country to vote for George W Bush twice!! (yes I just said they stole that election and I believe Gore won, but if it hadn’t been so damn down to the wire in other places 4 counties in florida would not have been so freaking important).

    I am just saying: Don’t underestimate these people. It is a mistake.

    And mom — you voted for Hillary? I didn’t know that. I thought you drank the koolaid. A metaphor they used on CNN last night — how odd!

  5. jeremy says:

    Isn’t McCain’s birthday, erm, today?

  6. laurabethnielsen says:

    OK (bother bother) It’s a blog not a news paper. So I didn’t fact check my down the hallway colleague’s fact. It’s not like I nominated Governor Palin for VP. Sheesh. But I have now corrected the text using strike through.

  7. robertlnelson says:

    This is going to be a tough race and do not delude yourselves that this is an act of desperation. It is a calculated move. A “hockey mom,” who took on her own political party on ethical issues, who in her second paragraph of her first national speech invoked Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton, and who frankly looked pretty self-confident in her introduction.

    I watched News Hours report, which had reporters from Alaska. The centrist journalist said, do not underestimate her, that was important in her previous victories.

    I think in the end, the issues should win this race. She is staunchly pro-gun and staunchly pro-life. How many Hillary supporters fall into those categories.

    Beat them on the issues. Do not dismiss the biography.

  8. koolaid says:

    I’m back…at least for now…and I maintain that koolaid can be a wonderful thing given the proper dosage. Having been removed from any real media when the Biden nomination was announced, I heard about it a day later and thought it a rather uninteresting choice. Nothing against Mr. Biden, but he had never reached out and excited me during his failed attempts at the Presidency. Now I am back with access to the media and the Palin announcement is made. She is young, energetic and most definitely an outsider. She looks and sounds like a good candidate. If any of you want to delude yourselves and think her positions and relative inexperience actually make her a weak candidate, then LB should start her packing early. In the last 30 years we have elected a peanut farmer, an actor, a spook, a serial adulterer and a total dumbass. Dems have a habit of underestimating from a position of strength. Al Gore could have changed everything if he had just carried his own state. Don’t lose this election because you make the mistake of believing all reasonable people could not possibly pull the Republican lever. The swing voters go with their guts more than hard data. So far, Palin feels better than Biden. The good news is that Barak feels better than McCain – don’t let it slip away.

  9. laurabethnielsen says:

    YES! Krispy and Koolaid are right! These are the people that had most of the country believing that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. This may be/is a mistake but we can’t get cocky and forget to GIVE MONEY, CANVASS IN SWING STATES, and the like.

    Spoke to my mom last night who really believes McCain thinks he is going to lose and that is why he picked her. The polls are too tight for him to think that and he has too much ego to think that. I think the opposite may be true, though – he is so sure he is going to WIN that he picked her.

  10. ellenhere says:

    I think Palin is going to get creamed in national politics. Despite her success in Alaska, she has got to have virtually no experience dealing with the nasty smears at the national level. Think about what Hillary went through. I have to believe (hope!) that Palin will step on some major landmines.

    I also wonder: what will hard line conservatives make of the fact that a woman with a very young child with Down’s is running for major office? I’m sure that there are some conservative voters who will not like this at all.

    And I agree that we need to be out doorknocking in swing states, funding campaigns, and making phone calls. Isn’t that how the evangelicals helped get GWB into office? I can’t imagine there’s a massive, energized base doing the same for McCain.

  11. vickywoeste says:

    McCain’s ground game is non-existent. they had like 20K phone calls done in June. that was it. so while I am taking nothing for granted and agree we have to beat the Rs on the issues, I also believe O has got the ground game going. in every state. plus with today’s news about Palin’s unwed daughter’s pregnancy–there are gonna be more surprises like this before we’re done.

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