media and the conventions

where is david spett when you need him?  i think this whole story about the new ways that the parties are using the media in these conventions is so interesting.  Now it seems like John McCain is going to tell his VP choice the news tonight.  I am guessing about 15 minutes before Obama’s speech and then it will get “leaked.”  If that news is trailing on the bottom of my screen while I watch Barack’s speech (it is Barack not Barak) I will be quite peeved.

Also, how smart where the Dems last night to get ALL the states that Hillary won to do the roll call (and Obama was ahead by A LOT) and then have Hillary make the motion just a few minutes before the national news.  Not enough time for the Republicans to get a shot in, but just in time for it to make the major news. 

Of course all we nerds were watching it live on CNN or CSPAN but I think we are outliers.

Should the Dems be quiet during the Republican convention?


One Response to media and the conventions

  1. vickywoeste says:

    LB, you are a prisoner of central time–it happened right in the middle of network news broadcasts, at 6:48 p.m. EDT!

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