does obama have a theme song yet?

Isn’t tonight after his speech when we find out his theme song?  I noticed they played Cliinton’s (Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow) and Kerry’s (I forget what it is — memorable huh?) 

Anyone have a prediction?  Jennifer Hudson is singing the National Anthem and Obama has used a lot of John Mellencamp, but what will be his theme song?!?!!? 

Harry Connick Jr has a hell of a cover of the New Orleans classic, Yes We Can. 

I vote for that.

Have you noticed that I have blogged more than worked today?


2 Responses to does obama have a theme song yet?

  1. laurabethnielsen says:

    Is it Beautiful Day by U2? they are playing it quite a bit. Chain of Fools seemed oddly ill-conceived last night (Lankdangle told me it was referring to the republicans).

  2. lbsmom says:

    “Amazing Grace”—great lyrics but not peppy enough.
    “We Shall Overcome”–from the 60’s & Martin Luther King, Jr–also overused & too slow.
    “Do You Believe in Magic?” by Lovin’ Spoonful—upbeat; this is a magic moment.
    “Imagine,” by John Lennon
    “American Pie,” by Don McLean—chronicles several decades

    I guess all the above show my age.

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