Hillary’s speech

Hillary’s speech last night blew me away.  I am sure I could not have written it, but if I had been asked to, I couldn’t have done a better job.  At the beginning of this race, I said I would happily campaign for either of them as hard as possible (my goal in the beginning was to elect ANY Democrat – even one with 2 heads if need be!). 

But, if you read this blog, you know she subsequently made me very angry as she refused to accept her loss when it was clearly inevitable.  I worried that her continued running would divide the party.  Now we have PUMAs (party Unity My ass) — the 35 and up white women who had vowed to vote for her in the (now-not-happening) roll call.

All that said, toward the end of her speech last night, I was crying.  All of the feelings of empathy for someone who worked so hard and missed it by a hair overwhelmed my angry feelings toward her.  (Yes, I worry about the 4th place person in every Olympics match I watch too).  I guess it makes me a bad person because it took her doing what i wanted (trying to unite the party) before I felt much empathy for her.  As she swallowed her bitter pill with good cheer, I wished we had seen that Hillary on the campaign trail!  That was a hell of a speech.  She looked great, she gave a great speech, and she did all she could to repair the damage. 

If you believed in Hillary and are now willing to vote to continue this war, for this crappy economy, for dependence on foreign oil because you are so mad that she was not the nominee then you need to have your head examined.  I think they are Republicans faking it to make a story.  I have no evidence of this and am half kidding, but not totally.

So Hillary — I hope you become a Supreme Court Justice or a cabinet official and maybe run again.  Everyone was worried about the Hillary lovers — Could she convince them to go for Obama?  But there was another job — Could she convince those who were really pissed at her that she is really one of us?  The answer is yes for me.  Yay Hil!

One Response to Hillary’s speech

  1. ellenhere says:

    Yeah, I’m with you. I cried, too, especially during that tear-jerker video-op about her. I kind of felt like a sucker, but sometimes it’s nice to indulge in the spectacle and fall for it. I thought her speech was stellar.

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