Blogging from the Convention! and other updates

A student of mine (I am not sure if he will use his real name so I won’t blow his cover) just emailed me from Denver about the convention and I was like, “DUDE! Please blog!!” So hopefully he will — a tantilizing tidbit — his first post is about bird porn.

Second, I saw Koolaid yesterday — he has been in training and isolated from computers but will be blogging once he gets to Afghanistan. Stories of training were very interesting. Also, sometime I will post about how people gravitate toward someone in uniform (he has no other clothes and so we were in the Nev and he was in his uniform — cammo style and its weird how people respond.)

Third, i am going to blog about Hilary’s speech. Short version — I had a major breakthrough in feeling empathy for her. Yes I am still mad at her and if the PUMAs cost us the election I will return to my previously embittered state, but last night I just felt proud of her and lots of empathy for someone who was so close to a life dream and not able to pull it off.


6 Responses to Blogging from the Convention! and other updates

  1. jeremy says:

    Did you watch the speech on CNN? Did you see the Clinton delegate they interviewed immediately afterward? She went negative on Obama’s experience in a way that showed an incredibly indulgent lack of emotional discipline from a party delegate.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    i do not get the psychology of people who supposedly loved her and her ideas SO MUCH that they are now willing to let mccain win. It is easier for me to understand regular old republicans. I get that some people actually believe those policies are better. But people who don’t and yet are willing to let mccain win (or, god forbid vote for him!) – that’s crazy.

    Also, Jeremy — where are our comment pictures in the sidebar? Help me fix that would you?

  3. ellenhere says:

    I seriously don’t believe that there are many of these PUMAs. I’m just not ready to concede that a substantial number of second wave feminists are THAT crazy, at least not crazy in this way. I’m convinced that they’re mostly a media creation. And maybe a John McCain creation. I just saw that McCain is using Hillary quotes in his ads. BLECHHHH.

  4. laurabethnielsen says:

    the NPR story I heard was a guy who watched the speech with the PUMAs in Denver said there were about 45 of them there.

  5. hegemonsadun says:

    I considered myself a Clinton suporter, untill I actually met them.

    They are very very very annoying. All they do is just look for fights. They get in the faces of ardent Obama suporters, and as opposed to actualy talking with them, they instead just scream at the top of their lungs.

  6. vickywoeste says:

    I have to think that most of these PUMA folks are looking to be heard this week. One of them got onto the Daily Show last night–showing absolutely no ability to laugh at herself–and I have to wonder what the political goal is here. And now after Bill’s speech–he purported to speak for all 18 million of her voters. Do they object to that, too? Probably. So where will they go from here? Out to stir up support for a candidate who has a 100% antiabortion voting record and is openly misogynistic towards his own wife?

    And yes, our avitars have been MIA for some time.

    Hope Koolaid is doing ok.

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