Go Negative?

OK so what do we think about going negative? Interesting OP-Ed here and a great article on alternet here entitled, “What’s so heroic about being shot down while bombing innocent civilians?”

Obama certainly can’t go THAT negative, but what do we think? How far can/should he go? This “Mccain doesn’t know how many houses he has” is mildly negative. It is not a horrible lie (like the Swift Boat ads) — it is ribbing him about something he ACTUALLY said and something he ACTUALLY owns (multiple houses). But it is not a positive message about what Obama will do, so I call this mildly negative. This is fine with me, but where is the line? I think it may come before the Michael Moore question. At the same time, as the Op-Ed says, I don’t want my guy to bring a knife to a gun battle. Hate the violence metaphor, but you get the idea. Lives are at stake in the US and around the world. The world itself is at stake. We gotta fight hard. How hard? Discuss.

One Response to Go Negative?

  1. lbsmom says:

    Looks like Joe Biden will break the ice. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/

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