Obama To Make Ledbetter Law A Campaign Issue

Loyal readers may remember our posts and comments about the Supreme Court’s Ledbetter decision, and the unsuccessful attempt, blocked by Senate Republicans, to reverse it though legislation. This was an outrage (an outrage, I say!), and the Dems shouldn’t let it die. And it looks like they won’t — Lilly Ledbetter will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention. As Ruth Marcus writes:

Obama was an original co-sponsor of the legislation to reverse the result in Ledbetter’s case; McCain opposes the bill because, he said in April, it “opens us up to lawsuits for all kinds of problems.” Well, yes, that would be the point of a law prohibiting pay discrimination.

EDIT: Here’s a video of Obama discussing the Ledbetter case, and other pay equity issues, at a “roundtable” (whatever that is) in Albuquerque on August 18. Pretty good. But get to the end — when he says that it would “make his blood boil” if his daughters don’t have the same opportunities as boys, he doesn’t sound like his blood is boiling. This is the “too cool” critique, I suppose.

2 Responses to Obama To Make Ledbetter Law A Campaign Issue

  1. lbsmom says:

    I’m happy Lilly will speak at the convention, and I hope she’s more animated than Barak in this video! I want to see more passion, enthusiasm, fire in him for the issues. Lighten up, Obama, but please continue to think before speaking.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    The fact that she is speaking is a sign of his commitment to equality. Yay! I think my Mom is right — it is a balance, but he could get more spicy.

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