Shocking a Dead Man — Update

Back on July 28, I posted a link to a story about a cop in Winnfield, Louisiana, Scott Nugent, who killed Baron Pikes by Tasering him nine times while he was handcuffed — the last two times while he was unconscious. Guess what? The cop was indicted yesterday for manslaughter and official malfeasance. Here’s some local color for those too busy to click the link:

The Pikes’ [sic –note inappropriate apostrophe] case, first recounted in the Tribune in July, aroused fears of a cover-up among family members and civil rights groups because Winnfield, the birthplace of Louisiana Govs. Huey and Earl Long, has a long history of political corruption.

[D.A.] Nevils’ predecessor as district attorney committed suicide amid allegations that he had skimmed $200,000 from his office accounts and demanded payoffs from criminal suspects. The former police chief, who was [officer] Nugent’s father, also killed himself, after losing a close election campaign marred by fraud allegations. The current police chief was convicted of drug possession as a young man and was pardoned by former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards, who is now serving a federal prison sentence for corruption while in office.

Sing along with the Chevy ad, everyone — “This is our country!” And so no one thinks I’m picking on the South, let’s hear it for our very own Alderman Troutman! Completely corrupt, and her “reputed boyfriend” is a high-ranking drug-dealing gang member! She’s pleading guilty, but proudly not cooperating with the feds! Sweet home, Chicago!


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