Shocking a Dead Man

More news on the Taser front — a police officer in Winnfield, Louisiana will face a grand jury over the death of a man whom he Tasered nine times after he had been handcuffed and was on the ground. According to the coroner, the man was probably dead after the seventh shock.

Here’s my favorite (not in a good way) part of the story:

In the year since Winnfield police received Tasers, officers have used them 14 times, according to police records — with 12 of the instances involving black suspects. Ten of the 14 incidents involved Nugent [the officer involved in the death], who had no public disciplinary record.

For perspective, CNN also reports that Winnfield’s population is 15,000, and is about one-half black.


One Response to Shocking a Dead Man

  1. lbsmom says:

    This guy’s boss should be investigated too. Didn’t he see the red flag Nugent was raising on taser incident # 2 or 3 at least? Who’s policing the police?

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