Obama got Carter!

The only living former democratic president that could make an unbiased decision.  Yay

In the category of:  Why won’t Nick blog?  He told me today that he thinks this is a push for Hil to become the Senate Majority Leader and that is why she is not giving up.  Interesting theory.

2 Responses to Obama got Carter!

  1. koolaid says:

    The senate does not elevate relative newcomers like Hillary to Majority Leader. It may not be the “ole boys club” it used to be, but it is still a club with its secret handshakes and decoder rings and all. Unwritten rules mean more to these people than the written ones that damn rules committee was saying were so sacred. There will be quite a few ready to fight any deal like that. Besides, I haven’t heard that Harry Reid was planning on leaving anytime soon.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    That’s why it is a compromise — under the pedriana theory, Obama has to promise her the votes.

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