I didn’t think it was possible even though I did. . .

As the Obama nomination nears, I realize that (at some level) I really did not think an African-American person could be nominated by a major party to run for president in my lifetime.  I figured this out when I turned on CNN just now and Obama is 4 short and I realized in a new way — a concrete way — that it will be Obama (which I have been saying for weeks when I am not panicked).  Anyway, this led me to burst into tears.  The kids were like, “what???”  and I am just speechless.  Wowee.  

I am just so fricking proud of people in the US and Democrats in particular.  This is a huge step and while the pundits will want us to move straight ahead to the general election, we should spend a minute basking in the glow of this amazing achievement for all of us — deomcrats, republicans, whatever.  This is history; right vick?

4 Responses to I didn’t think it was possible even though I did. . .

  1. lbsmom says:

    It is a BIG day in our country’s history! My history major friend tells me social changes like this do happen, just slowly after a few generations have died. Maybe it took someone so bad to help enough Americans recognize that change was needed.

  2. vickywoeste says:

    Yes. History with a capital “H.” Look at this great piece on Slate for a terrific explanation of one reason why Hillary lost: she did not stake the same claim for the radical nature of her candidacy (as the first woman with a realistic shot) as Barack did (as the first Af-Am candidate with a realistic shot): http://www.slate.com/id/2192827/. And I felt all along that she was wrong to neutralize herself, gender-wise, so I was happy to see someone point that out.

  3. laurabethnielsen says:

    gosh — if only we knew a great historian to document all this who has access through her good friend, austan . . .. . . .

  4. vickywoeste says:

    look, I met the guy, I proved I was crazy besotted for him, I threw him the softball Supreme Court question, I gave Michelle my business card at the skating party–and they still haven’t called. Sigh. My ego is bruised . . .

    And what I really meant to say was that it is “Historic”!!!!!!!

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