Happy Memorial Day

OK first, Krugman is right as usual.

Now, Happy Memorial Day. Today my giant flag flies outside my house right next to my signs for Obama. We have a complicated politics in this house, but we remember our friends and family who served in the military. I always get confused — on Veteran’s day we remeber all Vets (living or dead — did they have to fight in a war? I think the rule is that they had to be active during a war). On Memorial Day we remember everyone who died in a war? Or served in a war and subsequently died whether or not from their war experience?

In any event, since I would argue that some part of you dies/is transformed when you must go to war, here’s to Bob’s late brother, Jim (viet nam); my Grandpa Lee, who for all his “issues” fought in WWII (and whose flag I fly today); my Great Uncle Uncle Morris (WWII), and all the rest.

The kids’ Memorial Day Lesson today was to read the rules for the proper display of the American flag and help me figure out how to hang it properly (when hanging vertically — Blue part on top, to the left, and pointing north or east).

2 Responses to Happy Memorial Day

  1. robertlnelson says:

    Thank you, LB, very nice. My father and mother turned Memorial Day into a general commemoration of the dead. They may have had a broader view of service or just took the opportunity to clean all the grave stones and plant geraniums for everyone. My father’s mother passed away while he was serving in the Pacific. The thought of that brings a tear to my eye. Although my father became a staunch liberal late in life, after persuading my older brothers to serve during the Vietnam era, the military was a hugely important part of his life. One his most active social groups was a group of scattered veterans who served in the same unit in WWII. So complicated politics seem appropriate on Memorial Day.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    yes, I cannot imagine Georgianne denying anyone a geranium.

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