Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Wow. Just today the NYTimes was making the case for a unity ticket and then she goes and says this. Possible interpretations (1) she wants someone to assasinate Obama (that ought to get the government reading out blog!) (2) she is pointing out that Kennedy was still campaigning the June. that is the generous interpretation.

I am sorry, but she has lost it. I have always said that if she pulled it off I would support her, but that’s some crazy stuff right there. wow. I am in shock.

To be fair, here is a story with her apology.

11 Responses to Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

  1. robertlnelson says:

    On the Newshour David Brooks suggested this was just inadvertent, a sign of exhaustion. He thought the story did not have legs–would be gone by Monday. Mark Shields took it much more seriously, observing, much like the article you linked to, that this has been unspoken concern of the Obama campaign from the very beginning. I think it is in extraordinarily bad taste. If it were calculating, I do not understand how it can help her with anyone.

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    I don’t think it was calculated – she is not that dumb. I think it reflects what she is really thinking about and from exhaustion or whatever, her filter wasn’t working. But, it is in horrible taste and it plays on race because the whole “we can’t nominate him because he has an increased assasination risk because he is black” has been there from the start. I have thought that argument hogwash from the start — if you read back in this blog you will see — but the try to make hay from that argument is just yukky. We’ll see, i guess. I never seem to be right about what stories people will care about (and or the media will tell us we care about), so we’ll see.

  3. briand0n0van says:

    This pairs nauseatingly with Hukabee’s “joke” last week speaking before the NRA. To mix a couple of metaphors, I think it’s the final straw and the wheels have finally come off. We’ll see. I thought Juan Cole had some thoughtful things to say about her misstep:

  4. laurabethnielsen says:

    thanks for that brian — that was a really good piece. I like the idea of this as a national wound — she didn’t mean to 9probably) but she picked at it and we bled. It is true that every little mis-speak should not change everything and have a life of its own.

  5. vickywoeste says:

    trust David Brooks to get it wrong. MSNBC, CNN last night and the papers today are all going nuclear over what she said and her utterly inadequate statement of non-apologetic regret ”if anyone was offended.” from what I’ve seen no one believes it was just a lapse. she said the same thing to Time mag in March and probably figured she could say it again. that was her miscalculation. now it’s nearly June and he is the apparent nominee. not only that, but Ted was just diagnosed with a glioma that will probably kill him. it was beyond any standard of decency. it was debased politics as we’ve come to be surprised by all year, because we still want to believe the Clintons will not sink this low. and yet they manage always to go lower.

    she cannot possibly be VP after this. you don’t signal that you’re hoping for an assassin’s bullet as the best rationale for your own failed campaign. I personally think she doesn’t deserve to be in public life after this. but sadly I don’t vote in NY.

  6. lbsmom says:

    Vicky–I support Obama too, but obviously not as passionately as you even though I am one of those people still traumatized from the assassinations decades ago. I was still reeling from Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis when hearing about Hillary’s comments. And until reading Juan Cole’s comments (thanks, Brian), I hadn’t even heard about Hukabee’s vile joke to the NRA. I am still processing all this ugliness this morning, & cannot bear the thought of another killing. I was 20 when JFK was killed & 25 when Martin Luther King, Jr, & Robt Kennedy died–all killed by guns, all wished dead by many of my family members from whom I was struggling to either change (silly naive goal) or leave.

    Sorry, blogging buddies, I’m a work in progress, even at this age, so I’ll end with this comment. I agree with Bob & LB—the comment was in poor taste yet reflective of what is on all our minds: Could it happen again?

  7. lbsmom says:

    Here’s what Feinstein & Pelosi have to say about an Obama-Clinton ticket, & they do not agree:

  8. lbsmom says:

    Vicky, I didn’t intend to demean your enthusiasm for the future President Obama; in fact, I too was excited & hopeful for Robert Kennedy to be elected, so when he died, so did a lot of my expectations. I’m glad you & others are carrying on the torch. Maybe I’m afraid to get my hopes up again.

  9. lbsmom says:

    See Maureen Dowd’s opinion in today’s NY Times:


    She says Hillary’s Robert Kennedy remark provided Barak with the perfect excuse NOT to chose her as his running mate.

  10. vickywoeste says:

    Judy–no offense taken, assuredly–I may be effervescent in my enthusiasm for BHO (c’mon, he *remembered* me!!) but I am enough of a realist to know that the initial stage of any love affair, even when you’re sure it’s true love, will end in some kind of awakening. I hope this one’s less rude than recent history has tended to serve up. I know little enough of his career to believe that he wasn’t so unconventional a politician until, say, 2004. Still, a phenom is a phenom, and he has slain a mighty dragon this year. If he puts his usual ground operation in Florida, I see no reason why he can’t make it close there in November.

    I wasn’t sure I was going to read Ms. Dowd ever again after last Weds. She’s become like the person you remember from high school who specialized in saying the nastiest, most cynical, mosy destructive things about *everyone.* She is bitter and angry and hiding behind her guns. But I agree that HRC has exited herself conveniently from the veepstakes. Then again she didn’t seem to want it.

    Happy Memorial Day, all.

  11. lbsmom says:

    Another nasty jibe from someone about Obama: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/01/opinion/01pubed.html?em&ex=1212552000&en=661192b97ed02dae&ei=5087
    I’m remembering the swift boaters vs Kerry.

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