The Velveteen Rabbit and being real

You know how the moral of the Velveteen Rabbit is that love makes you real?

Well, today I feel real in a new way. Today, for the first time ever, I sat on a dissertation committee and awarded someone their (well-earned) PhD.

Because I spent much of my early career years at the ABF only (you should SEE the new ABF website, BTW), I don’t have as many of these sorts of experiences yet.

Anyway, the joy of it is that the research is FANTASTIC (it is about the political , social, and organizational construction of diversity and how that works in 3 different social locations — a fortune 500 company, a university, and a neighborhood), the student a success (yes she already has a job!), and so while she is busy trying to adjust to feeling more real as a new DOCTOR, I am busy trying to adjust to feeling more real as an academic and mentor.

The best news of all, dear readers, is that this “first” for me was accomplished with and for (but primarily BY) my dear friend, colleague, and collaborator, Ellen Berrey.



Nothin left but the drinkin!  See you soon!!!!!


5 Responses to The Velveteen Rabbit and being real

  1. lbsmom says:

    Congratulations, Ellen, aka, Doctor Berrey!

  2. robertlnelson says:

    Congratulations to Ellen. I think one of the most rewarding parts of being a professor is that we get to play a role in producing the next generation of professors. It was so much fun tonight to meet Ellen’s father, Bob, and brother, Adam, and to see Eli cavorting from one pair of blue jeans to the next in search of Steve. Most of all it was great to see Ellen in the glow of post-defense.

    All the best.

  3. briand0n0van says:

    Eli’s has some whip-smart parents . . .

    Congratulations Ellen!!

  4. briand0n0van says:

    [meant “got” instead of “has” — not enough coffee to be literate yet]
    Still, the sentiment remains – Ellen, you rule!!!

  5. cdf364 says:

    Thanks for totally screwing up departmental expectations! Way to be a rate buster, Ellen. Now they’ll expect us all to have amazing, innovative projects which are conducted with intelligence, style and passion. It’s not fair since we can all only hope to be as awesome as you!

    Congrats on your much deserved success.

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