foie gras is back

I got the call on Tuesday that the repeal was going to be put through at the Wednesday City Council meeting. So, I was down at City Hall yesterday morning at 9:15, and talked my way into the press box for the 4plus hour meeting. Anyone who ever wants to experience pure boredom should sit through a Chicago City Council meeting from start to finish. Foie gras was the last issue brought up and the one that all the reporters/cameras were there for. Here’s Dan Mihalopoulos and Mark Caro’s rendition of what went down, complete with video. I was right there in the press box with them, and their rendering is pretty spot-on. Mark turned toward me after the repeal was passed, 37-6, and we both said “that was great!” (sociologically interesting, politics in action, witnessing of yelling and lobbying, etc).

What the whole experience boils down to was seeing how easy it is to get anything through City Council, what with the length of the meeting, the fact that aldermen are up and down, chatting with each other, in the antechamber drinking coffee, and each sitting behind a 2 foot tall stack of papers/resolutions/ordinances.


5 Responses to foie gras is back

  1. lbsmom says:

    Thanks, foodgirl, for an insider’s view of the Chicaco City Council process. I live in a town of 16,000 with 7 city council members, including the mayor. One time we went to bring up an issue & were place last on the agenda even though it was not done last minute. The meeting started at 7 pm, & just before midnight, they got to us. Everyone wanted a turn to talk even if they repeated what had just been said. Is that what happens to people when they get voted into office? They seem to discover & greatly value their own voices as they lose hearing ability. Yikes!

  2. laurabethnielsen says:

    I for one am happy that foie is back. Although I never had trouble getting it (thanks to Foodgirl telling me where to go!) and I kind of liked feeling like I was breaking the law when I ate it in Chicago.

  3. lbsmom says:

    I’ve heard of bathtub gin & moonshine. Was there a new term for the temporary prohibition of foie gras? Trying to think of an idea……..

  4. lbsmom says:

    Comments from a San Francisco food critic’s blog. Be sure to read comments below his:

  5. foodgirl says:

    this is why I’m stressed out and crazy with so much data!! It’s intense!

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