Flu and “Oh . . . NOW I get it”

I’ve had the flu — apologies to people who had posts pending that took me too long to get up.

Even with the flu, I had to go to have a drink at a friend’s birthday party. I loaded up on advil cold and sinus and headed to perhpas my new favorite place in Evanston. Over a drink, I finally got it (something). I was talking with a dear friend who is I am guessing early 50s and is a woman. Not learning my lesson from last week, I again lamented Hillary’s inability to count and this woman who I respect tremendously said, “When you have been in professional life as long as I have, you will experience being well-trained and well-qualified with the experience to do a job well, and some MAN will come out of nowhere with none of that and get the job you deserve.” (May not be an exact quote, but it is close).

All of a sudden I got the Hillary supporters’ point in a new way. Especially the women of my friend’s generation (which is what she said: women of MY generation have had the expereince . . . )



One Response to Flu and “Oh . . . NOW I get it”

  1. lbsmom says:

    As a woman born during WW2, AND in Texas no less, I grew up accepting the fact that it was a man’s world. I graduated from college & got married there (but to a Yankee much to my family’s chagrin) before I ever set foot outside that huge state. Then, as a young mother, I began hearing about bras & draft cards’ being burned. What a concept–I could have say outside my womanly world—home, school teacher, marriage, etc…..LB, those of us older than you have lived longer in that other world which still doesn’t get it right! Time passes, & I haven’t mellowed out; just the opposite, in fact. No, I’m not angry ALL the time, & seeing a female president, unless it were some conservative witch, would be terrific. That said, I’m wearing another minority’s t-shirt at the moment–Obama’s.

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