War Vets Need Help

We send them to war, but are we doing enough to help war vets when they return?  Suicide rates are alarming.  Bush once said to other victims, “Help is on the way.”  Is it for our soldiers?


One Response to War Vets Need Help

  1. nobamakoolaid says:

    Not trying to defend Bush, but there was a change at the Pentagon just a couple of weeks ago that I believe will make a difference.
    Security clearances are obviously a vital component of any service member’s career. Question 21 on the security clearance questionnaire asks if you have seen a mental health professional in the last five years. I had to answer this question about a month ago and struggled with telling the truth because I had recently seen a marriage councilor. I could not truthfully answer in the negative but was concerned that an affirmative answer would send up a red flag. I did ultimately answer truthfully, but my concern did not dissipate.
    Shortly thereafter, the Pentagon announced that service members would no longer have to answer yes to this question for anything other than incidents involving violence or being institutionalized.
    This question has bothered many career service people for years. In effect, they were afraid to seek help for things like post-traumatic stress disorder because they felt it would negatively affect their careers when they next security investigation came along.
    Doctors in the Medical Corp recognized this fact and lobbied for the change. They are also instituting a campaign that encourages service members to seek whatever help they need without fear of negative consequences. Hopefully these seemingly small steps will result in more people getting the help they need and prevent at least some of these needless deaths.

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