Mothers and Sons

On today’s News Hour there was a moving segment about a mother/poet and her warrior/son, a graduate of West Point who had served two tours of duty in  Iraq.  The mother had opposed the Iraq war, but, after many frustrating conversations with her son, came to understand that her son felt that her opposition to the war was the same as a lack of support for him.  She read two poems that had brought she and her son together.

You can listen to them here.

On a political level I always have abhorred this argument.  How is it that opposing placing American troops in harm’s way is not supportive of the troops?

In any event, Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there.


One Response to Mothers and Sons

  1. lbsmom says:

    We saw that segment last night, & I could identify when she said that before the poetry, she felt like they were losing their connection/bond. I’m pretty sure we moms want to stay connected & on loving terms with out kids at almost any cost to ourselves. Sometimes, it’s not easy, but it’s always worth the effort!

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