Could it be?

From an op-ed in the NYTimes:

So, after you’ve rested, dear leading candidates, could you simply catalog the wounds you each had to inflict upon the other? Read Psalm 100: “It is He that hath made us and not we ourselves.” Then, having blamed the system, try forgiving each other those surface scratches. Some were self-inflicted. And could you next — without your “people” present, without even (gulp) your own dynamic spouses — meet in a hotel suite and simply sit there, without microphones on, without even your shoes on, and talk?

Would the both of you smarties please figure out how we, as a country in its deepest trouble since Pearl Harbor, might find some peace at last? How can we save the tatters of our oil-stained national soul? Think. Pretty please?

In my 1965 high school student council race, the leading candidates exactly tied. We simply called them co-presidents. They did great. (Of course, your mates will have their own sense of this particular geometry, with its titles, etc. Euclid might be needed as consultant.) But listening must be possible for two such questing mortal superpowers. You’ve just used up several lifetimes’ energy getting to the starting line beside a crouched John McCain. Please look right at each other. Oh, to hear you finally say: “Hi. Well done, well run. So, what is next for us?”

Us! Can this marriage be saved? Can our Union?

You two, show us how.

Please let them be listening.


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