The ACLU, Pinata of the Right, on the FLDS Raid

The ACLU said it had a representative at the [Texas FLDS custody] court hearing and the organization was concerned about human rights violations.

“While we acknowledge that Judge Walther’s task may be unprecedented in Texas judicial history, we question whether the current proceedings adequately protect the fundamental rights of the mothers and children,” Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, said in a written statement.

“As this situation continues to unfold, we are concerned that the constitutional rights that all Americans rely upon and cherish — that we are secure in our homes, that we may worship as we please and hold our places of worship sacred, and that we may be with our children absent evidence of imminent danger — have been threatened,” Burke said.

The group’s courtroom observer, Lisa Graybill, added: “We recognize that this balancing act is difficult, but we are concerned that government may not be complying with the Constitution or the laws of Texas in the execution of its mandate, from how the raids were conducted to whether the current process protects basic rights.”

Koolaid — Think about supporting this venerable organization, which is a vigorous advocate for the rights of unpopular groups, including religious minorities, and a bulwark against unwarranted government intrusion into the lives of American citizens.


3 Responses to The ACLU, Pinata of the Right, on the FLDS Raid

  1. lbsmom says:

    OK, I’ll just get it out in the open right away. Yes, I watch the Today Show when I can, & this morning was one of those times. Six parents (2 women & 4 men I think) from the Texas compound were interviewed, & except for getting a closer look at the pompadours, a hair style my mom wore during the 1940’s, I didn’t hear anything new. Like you said, Koolaid, they were very subdued, even though one man said he would never have sex with an underage woman & didn’t know of anyone who did. They did mention being advised by an attorney, & if you’re into body language, the women’s spoke volumes with theirs. The woman who looked the angriest said they had been abused, so Meredith Vearia asked her to explain. The woman began hesitantly to list being forced to live in barracks without privacy & use porta potties. For me, the latter would be torture.

    Even with DNA testing, how can parentage be established with so much intermarriage?
    These parents seemed quite willing to do whatever necessary to get their kids back. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for the kids even though some official said they were just having a ball playing with games & toys they’d never seen before.

    Question: Who’s next? The Amish?

  2. nobamakoolaid says:

    Yes! Terri Burke and Lisa Graybill said exactly what I have been thinking but have been too inarticulate to communicate. I wasn’t trying to slam the authorities in Texas or place blame on them for the actions of others. But we need to be careful and that is what the ACLU is saying. Texas has legitimate authority and by all accounts seems to be trying to exercise it in a conscientious manner. It is knowing that groups like the ACLU are watching (be it a high profile case or not) that helps keep the State honest.

    Another thought – I am also vehemently opposed to building a wall/fence on our southern border; and not just because it is an asinine idea. My biggest issue with it is that if a wall can be built by the State to keep people out, then what is to stop it from someday using it to keep people in? I believe skepticism is healthy anytime the State claims to be doing something for our benefit. That’s not to say that I think they are always out to get one past us, but good men do bad things when they think no one cares.

    I will consider what you suggested, Jeff.

  3. mrtim237 says:

    I am all for protecting children, but the state is wrong here. I don’t agree with this groups religion but I would give up my life to protect it. The state does not like these peoples religion and so they are going after the children trying to break their religion. That is the real facts. everything I have read shows the these people were raising their children according to their beliefs. People that is what the USA is suppose to be about. We often forget that the state is just as guilty of brain washing our children as this group is. Just because most Americans chose to be sheep and send their children to state schools does not make it right or best for our children. I travel all over the world and often visit schools where I travel. Let me tell you the public and most private schools in the USA are poor at best. I read the stats put out by both the government and teachers unions and if you read each years reports you would think things are getting better but if you go back ten or twenty years ago and look at the numbers it clearly shows the problem. So this raid and the taking of the children is not just about this group and whether or not under aged girls are being forced to marry it really is about the states need to control our children so that they can indoctronate them instead of the parents.

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