Foodgirl revisited

OK, so my email program gobbles FoodGirl’s emails to me. (I use Outlook and have “created a rule” at least 3 times, but any new ideas for rescuing her from the fate of Viagra ads and offers to share Nigerian wealth are welcome.)

Anyway — here is the accompanying image to the post about hypocrisy a few days back and it is just so good I am putting it up even if late.

One Response to Foodgirl revisited

  1. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    Good job foodgirl — I missed that one, and it’s piquant.

    Let’s be clear — the hypocrisy is not allowing, or in the President’s case, actively supporting, capital punishment in the face of a sincere belief in the sanctity of all human life. It’s using the rhetoric of the sacredness of human life to oppose abortion in a world in which human life is in fact not sacred, and the President knows it.

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