Happy Birthday Mom!!

That’s right it is LBsmom’s Birthday!  And she really is my Mom!  And she really is awesome!! So you better comment and wish her a happy birthday too!


9 Responses to Happy Birthday Mom!!

  1. tina says:

    There is nothing better than a mom that contributes to a blog. Happy bday, LBsmom!

  2. rvthompson says:

    Hey Mom–

    Happy birthday Unto You.

    Actually I think that you and I are more the age of peers than mother and son so I amend my previous comments with Happy Birthday Sister!


  3. lankdangle says:

    Happy Birthday to the best mother In Law I’ve ever had, love Eric.

  4. robertlnelson says:

    Happy Birthday Judy,
    I hope you are luxuriating in the warm glow of love from your daughter’s blog. Enjoy your special day. Krispy

  5. nobamakoolaid says:

    Any mom who will endure an Adam Ant concert for her daughter’s pleasure is tops in my book. You hereby are elevated and have the right to treat every day this week as your bithday, with all the pampering and accoutrement that naturally acompanies a mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday!

  6. belle lettre says:

    Happy Birthday to LBsmom!

  7. jeffaregularworkinglawyer says:

    Happy Birthday from all of us!

  8. lbsmom says:

    Thanks, all of you, for sending me birthday greetings! Now that I’m eligible for Medicare, my comments might sound elderly.

  9. vickywoeste says:

    Dear Judy, count me as more than happy to contribute to Medicare for your benefit–you’re as young as you feel, right? How much crap is that, by the way?? Come and visit us soon. Love, Vicky (one day late, but no less heartfelt)

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