Guantanamo Detainee Charged

Last week there was a very short news story about the U.S FINALLY charging one of the so-called high value detainees at Guantanamo Bay.  We have learned more now.  Ahmed Ghailani is charged with war crimes for his alleged role in the bombing in Tanzania that is the subject of a very good book called, In the Moment of Greatest Calamity:  Terrorism, Grief, and the War on Terror.  You should read this book.  And, if you are in the Chicago area, come to our reading group about it April 17th.

But I digress . . . We charged someone!!  He was held in secret prisons from 2004 – 2006 and in Guantanamo from 2006 until now.  So war crimes — an interesting charge by this administration.  And we will try him for these war crimes?  I guess it would be too scary for us to allow the International War Crimes Tribunal do it because then we would be conceding that these international organizations have authority.  And that could be scary for the people that detained this guy for FOUR YEARS before charging him with anything. 

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