I am going to meet a Bush appointee in 35 minutes . .

That’s right people, I am going to a small group meeting with someone appointed by President George W. Bush.  I am trying to figure out what to say.  Yes, I am being somewhat cryptic here because it will certainly be in our local news and my immense and extreme hatred for the Bush administration should not be the story.  The story should be about what an AMAZING school my kids are lucky enough to attend.  Lucky, lucky, lucky — thanks mom.  I mean, it is such a good school that even an executive branch agency full of people appointed by President GW Bush recognizes it.  So it must be good. 

More soon. . . .

UPDATE 11:42 am:   I met the undersecretary of education for special education and programs (or something like that).  He also had the person who runs this program called PBIS (positive behavior incentive program) that rewards good behavior and collects data about where good and not as good behavior happens around the school.  It is a great program, but the principal at my kids’ school has made a million great innovations/additions (you can watch a time lapse of the school with red and green dots for good and bad behavior).  Anyway, all this data collection leads to rational decisionmaking about behavior and such. It is a great program and even better with Andy’s improvements, so the school is getting an award and he will be going to make a presentation to the department of education.  And, the dude was nice — Now if they would internalize the idea of rewarding positive behavior instead of punishing negative behavior . . . . (NCLB anyone?)


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  1. lbsmom says:

    More, please, asap!

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